Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Why It’s Done and What to Do Post Surgery

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is a surgical procedure where in one or more than one wisdom tooth is removed. However before you understand the procedure it is important that you should know about them.

They are the four permanent adult teeth which are located at the posterior of your mouth. They are present on top and at the bottom. It is important these teeth get room to grow because if they don’t then you will have to undergo tooth extraction procedure, which will be carried out by an oral surgeon. In order to avoid any problems in future most dentists suggest that this procedure should be carried out even if there is no problem.

The wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 and 25 however there are some people who do not get them at all. The reason why their extraction becomes downright important because of the following reasons:

• When they grow at an angle toward the next tooth

• When they grow at an angle towards the back of your mouth

• When they grow at a right angle to the other teeth

• When they grow straight

The impacted wisdom tooth leads to pain, food getting trapped between the crevices, gum disease, tooth decay, damage to the nearby teeth and complications with the Orthodontic treatment. These reasons are more than enough for you to undergo wisdom tooth extraction.

At times patients are skeptical about this tooth extraction procedure. Patients think that the procedure poses a lot of risks however that is not true. This procedure does not result in long-term complications. The procedure is performed in a dental clinic and is carried out by a trained and skillful dental professional only. During the procedure your dentist might use any of the following anesthesia’s:

• Local Anesthesia: Your dentist will use this with the help of injections near the impacted area. However before that, the area will be made numb with help of some gel. You need to know here that during the entire wisdom tooth extraction procedure you will be awake.

• Sedation Anesthesia: This anesthesia is applied through an intravenous line in your nerves. It will make you unconscious through the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

• General Anesthesia: This is used in special occasions. You might have to inhale or take the anesthesia via intravenous live in your arms. You will lose consciousness and your entire vitals will be monitored by the surgical team. During the entire wisdom tooth extraction procedure under the influence of this anesthesia, you will feel no pain and have no memory.

After wisdom tooth extraction procedure is completed you will be taken to a room called as Recovery Room. Follow your dentists’ instructions during healing time. You will experience some blood coming out from the treated area but do not spit too much. Spitting excessively might dislodge the blood clot. In case of pain take a pain-killer from over the counter such as acetaminophen or any other pain-killer that has been suggested by your dentist. Wisdom tooth extraction leads to swelling on gums hence to suppress that you can use ice pack as per the direction of your dentist. Do not indulge any activity which might increase the pain and stress on your gums. Drink lots of water and surely avoid any alcoholic, caffeinated, carbonated or hot beverages in the first 24 hours. With regards to food, after you have undergone wisdom tooth extraction, make sure you eat soft food and yogurt. Indulge in daily cleaning of your mouth but do not brush, spit or use mouthwash for the first 24 hours.

In case you feel any abnormality or increase in pain make sure you seek dental help asap. Wisdom Tooth Extraction is a complicated procedure and any sort of complacency from your end can create further damage.