Smoothies Made of Your Vegetables

It takes some time to set aside juice from your vegetables, but it is really well worth the effort you will need to bring new levels of awareness to your health. Higher amounts of juicing brings you clarity and lightness in your body while your physical self is tweaked in to bring greater detoxification. While juicing can take a bit more time, smoothies of vegetables do not. In fact, if you feel you need the fiber of veggies, and we all must, from time to time; then smoothies are wonderful options. There are wide variations of smoothies that can be explored, even with the basic lists of vegetables that have been provided. You can combine any number of juices with some additions to make them very interesting for your taste buds as well as health.

There are many beneficial aspects about juicing, but smoothies are really important as they bring whole fiber to your diet. There are green smoothies that can totally amp up your day and bring you incredible nourishment. The following green smoothie can be made in a very easy way which can be a very beautiful and refreshing drink for anyone. Take a cored and washed granny smith apple with the skin remaining on it. Then take 4-5 stalks celery with ends & tips removed, 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce, 1/2 of a large Haas avocado, ½ bunch cilantro or parsley with their stems removed. Chop all these and add 3-4 cups filtered water in a blender. Blend till all ingredients puree to a thick yet smooth consistency. The avocado will bring a creamy filling to this incredible green smoothie. This is your wonderful way to add plenty of vegetables to your day. This is a great way to tune up your health and get nutrient rich benefits to it.