How to Handle Different Physical Activities After a Hip Replacement

There are all sorts of different types of physical activities that a person can take part in after hip replacement surgery. It will help to know that some special precautions should be used for these activities. These should be used as a means of making sure that one’s hip does not slip out of place.

Golfing is a common activity that can be handled after hip replacement surgery. A smooth shoe that does not contain any spikes should be worn when golfing. This is something that can be used as a means of reducing the stress that can come out of rotating the leg and hip. Bicycling can also be enjoyed. However it will help to be sure that the bicycling that is involved is going to be something that does not require any heavy pedaling. Heavy pedaling can cause the hip to exert too much pressure.

Another thing to watch for involves how to handle weight training exercises. When working on weights it helps to avoid any lifting exercises that require a person to use one’s hips. This is because of the extreme pressure that can be involved. Also, when it comes to working on leg muscles it is best to work with something like a treadmill. This is something that can give the legs a workout with a low level of impact.

It will also help to watch for what one can do when skiing. It is best to ski on a smooth slope that is not too steep. Anything that is steep or hard to go through can cause a fall. This can be very dangerous to the hip. Finally it helps to watch for how one’s moves when playing tennis. It will help to avoid sudden motions in a match. The ball should not hit a person’s hip either.