Synaura Avia – World’s First Time Released Maqui Supplement

Conventional juices and just one ‘super fruit’ are not a reliable source for your anti-aging regimen. Due to the increase of depleted soils and the over processing of foods, many important micronutrients needed for your body have been lost.

It is a ridiculous to claim that one fruit or one particular fruits juice – or any combination of fruit juices is the answer to all of your health concerns. That is why the Synaura AVIA formula was created, to optimize your body’s health and protection against oxidation and free radical damage.

Synaura AVIA is the key to remedying this dilemma. It has been discovered that the formulation of AVIA by Harvard MD, Dr. Kroll, is your best option for optimal body support and defense against free radical damage. In fact, AVIA is the most reliable and predicable formulation to support your body’s immune system.

While other juices and ‘super fruits’ can be so unreliable, it is readily apparent how powerful AVIA and its formulation can be in supplementing your diet with this essential formulation. Synaura AVIA is more than a juice. It’s a scientifically balanced formulation setting it apart from a “juice” or “beverage”. It’s the first formula – no longer is the reliance on just one fruit or a combination of fruit juice the standard. The new standard is finding the king of super fruits and formulating that with natural ingredients geared to work optimally in your body.

Synaura AVIA (Ayeveeaye) is an innovative health natural supplement – It’s not pasteurized and will be the next generation in super formulas, optimizing a blend of Maqui Berry and other synergizing ingredients focusing on the anti-aging by addressing the two largest factors related to aging and disease. Providing benefits such as longevity and living life to its fullest.