Virtual Health Care – The Three Step Approach – Its Time Has Come

In today’s day of working, shopping, playing, educating and communicating over the World Wide Web, we have a fantastic opportunity to make change available to everyone with regard to health and wellness, no matter where one lives or what their income level is. It is time to really get out there and make this information available to everyone and set the record straight that there are things being done that are very harmful to the human body and there are things that are not being done that are very beneficial. The biggest issue with getting this information out there is in getting people to listen. With the bombardment of information over the web, the next question to ask and answer is, who do you believe?

I know for me, I tend to go with those that have impeccable references, proven track records and longevity. I am leery of the new kids on the block but do understand that they too need to begin somewhere. Occasionally that leaves me with having to take a leap of faith. I am willing to do that in some instances; however, I find that I am less likely to move down that path when it comes to my health. As many of my followers already know, I am a seeker and an educator. I dig until I find the truth, then I pass that knowledge on to you.

I have come to realize and understand that the foundation to great health begins with three simple steps. The first is in keeping the body as toxic free as possible. The second is in keeping the body as hormonally balanced as possible. The third has to do with maintaining the first two steps by consuming healthy, nutritious, non-processed organic foods. Take those three steps and incorporate them into a health and wellness program and you can bank on living a long, healthy, pain and disease free life.

This is what is missing from our current “sick-care” system. Most know little about cellular detoxification and if they do know about it, most are not detoxifying correctly. The process has been around since the 40’s. It isn’t rocket science but does need to be administered properly for maximum benefit.

Most do not understand proper hormone balancing. I have been to half a dozen doctors over the last several years; all claiming to know what they are doing. Wrong. They may understand some of what is necessary but they don’t understand it all. If they did, I would not have been in the condition I was in; still searching, knowing that something was just not right. Have you ever tried to have an intelligent conversation with your doctor? Have you ever brought in information and challenged him/her on their diagnosis and/or solution to your issues? I have and let me tell you, it isn’t a pretty sight to see. Frustrating is an understatement.

AND, when it comes to nutrition, well forget about it. I have heard differing numbers but the bottom line is that doctors receive next to nothing in the area of nutritional education when they are attending medical school. From what I have come to understand, the hours spent on nutrition are around 10, yes, I wrote ten, it is not a typographical error.

I find that sad and incomprehensible to say the least, especially when I know how important food can be to the overall health and wellness of the human body. What does it take for Americans to wake up and smell the “roses”! I am hoping that the answer isn’t death. From what I understand, death is truly the end and even if that rosebush is planted directly on top of you, you won’t smell the roses if you are six feet underneath.

Where am I going with all of this you ask? I’m bringing you to “virtual” health care. I’m bringing you to a new frontier. I’m bringing you to true “health” care, the kind that gets and keeps you healthy instead of treating your ills and pains. There are people out there that know what they are doing. They understand detoxification and total hormone balancing with organic, bio-identical, plant-based hormones. They understand that we are an estrogen-dominant society and the last thing we should be dispensing to most people is more estrogen whether it is natural or synthetic. They understand and teach that D3 is not a vitamin but is in fact a hormone and that the deficiency of D3 is epidemic and at the root of a lot of dis-ease in this country as well as others. They understand nutrition better than most.

I have found answers. I have found doctors that have developed programs that can be done virtually, online, reasonably priced, that are by far, the best of anything I have experienced in my 57 years of existence. I feel like I’m 20 years old and actually feel better now than I did then. There are people out there that understand and see the whole and complete picture of the human body. There are people out there that are willing to share the knowledge and educate the general public and health care providers (doctors, nurses, technicians) as well. They get it, understand it and they want you to get it too.

It isn’t about making anyone rich financially. It is all about making them rich in health and wellness so that they can live healthy, productive, prosperous lives. Virtual health care is here. I might add it has shown up without a minute to spare, given the worsening “sick care” dilemmas facing our world today. With more than a billion people living in the modern world, it has been discovered through evaluation and science that toxically induced-biochemical imbalances are at the root cause of the chronic illnesses that are epidemic today.

I’m not bashing acute and emergency care. I still live in the real world and understand the need. I don’t have all the answers. What I do have is a foundation and a group of doctors and individuals that want to change the face of preventative and corrective health care. They want to rid the masses of unnatural, unnecessary, hurtful drugs that are poisoning our bodies and do nothing to promote wellness. I’m not bashing drug companies either. What I am doing is promoting great health from the get go, thereby eliminating the need for pill popping in the first place.

I’m living proof along with countless others that have gone or are going through these programs. I don’t report on things that I have not experienced first hand. I have received corrective and preventative, science-based natural health care complete with medical doctor support without taking one step outside of my front door. It is about time I share this information with you so that you too can follow in my footsteps.