Benefits of Using the Indoor Rowing Machines for Overall Body Fitness

It’s very common to see treadmills in the homes of many people. With the home fitness equipment becoming much more affordable, any need to join gym just to get your daily dose of exercise is becoming rarer and rarer. While elliptical trainers and treadmill’s are quite popular as workout machines, indoor rowing machines are now becoming a force to reckon with in the fitness equipment arena.

You may have seen such machines at local health clubs and must have wondered if they were indeed beneficial. Here are five reasons as to why these machines are beneficial.

  • Cost – The indoor rowing machines cost less compared to many other elliptical trainers or treadmill’s. You can easily purchase a durable one rowing machine below $500. You save a lot on maintenance as these machines are much sturdier than many other machines and they have less moving parts and can easily outlast your other fitness equipment.
  • Compact size- Kettler Rowing Machine is compact and small as compared to elliptical’s, treadmill’s and many other home gyms. All new rowers can easily fold up and many Concept 2 rowing machines can easily fold in just half making them compact and quite easy for storage. You can easily fit them in the bedroom, cupboard or any other small storage space.
  • Effective – It is a fact that rowing is a demanding workout and engages your all major body muscles groups in one go, as a result you get a much more efficient workout. You also use abdominal muscles and legs for driving the kicking motion and use your shoulders, back muscles and arms for driving the pulling motion. You have an option to set the resistance level of its flywheel as per your needs and this permits you to focus on the strength training or just focus on weight loss training or cardiovascular exercises.
  • Strength And Fitness – A great thing about a indoor rowing machine exercise is that it permits you to do both fitness and strength training on just one single machine. Most machines either offer just cardio or just strength.
  • Overall low impact – There is no impact on the joints or legs while you are rowing. This is quite nice and efficient from safety point of view. Any long term damage or pain that can be caused by excessive running is easily eliminated in rowing without compromising on the level or intensity of the exercise.