How to Get Rid of Back Pain – 3 Steps Towards Getting Rid of Back Pain

How to get rid of back pain plays an important role on maintaining one’s health. Anatomically, the spine composes of network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that is able to produce pain whether on passive or active motion. Thus, maintaining a healthy spine is of primary importance to one’s health. It may not be considered a medical emergency but a dull to a constant, sudden, sharp pain at the back gets the more complaints compare to the other health conditions. Those frequent and ordinary homes, school and work activities can cause such pain that comes unexpectedly and without warning leaving one debilitated. As such, the knowledge of how to avoid this common condition should be given enough priority.

There are a lot of people experiencing back pain in the different work environments they are in. The real issue of back pain is not confided to a one personal, but to majority of people from young to old ones. Some people would tell that the pain is nothing; others would say it is extreme. Though pain varies differently, it is actually regardless of how much pain felt, it will be known when one experiences it. It is sometimes and irony that even good posture was taught in school, still, we have committed wrong and have not followed the principles. As such, with enough knowledge from course experience on how to get rid of back pain, it is an eye opener for me to realize what I have learned from my experiences. It is then my primary role to share to the readers the necessary tips that can lead to taking better care of the spine.

Proper sleeping position should be on your back or side. A pillow can be of help to protect your spine while sleeping on the back placing it under the knees to prevent pressure on the lower back. Sleeping on a hard surface should not be practiced, instead, find a firm mattress for sleeping/resting to allow proper spine alignment. In a work or school, standing for a very long time is exhausting. It is best that one foot should rest on a small chair or stool to prevent spinal pressure. When bending forward, knees should do the same to maintain spinal curvature. When lifting, always carry the object close to the body and feet should be apart to maintain good balance and prevent stress to the spine.

Never slouch when walking and use always low heeled shoes to maintain proper spinal alignment. Do not attempt to over reach an object, get closer to the object and that’s the proper time to get it. Always push an object and never pull because pulling gives more strain to your back. Lastly, engage in exercises that do not give strain to your back.

Experiencing back pain is never an easy feeling, I tell you, it’s irritating and time wasting that you cannot do what you ought to do for a day. Although it is not progressive and will be gone without residual function loss, it doesn’t mean that it is okay to experience it. We should always remember prevention is better than cure. Those few tips on how to get rid of back pain, I believe, is really of help to the readers. It may be basic as it seems but following it by heart is the same as giving us lesser chance to feel the pain.