The Origin of Henna Wax

The Henna Wax is normally combined with other natural plant extracts to come up with a formula purposely made for conditioning the hair. The hydrating treatment using pure henna transforms the hair to be much glossier alongside the strengthening and rejuvenating obviously ruined hair. Obtained from the leaves of the Lawsonia plant and local to the Middle East, Egypt and India, henna is the oldest and most used vegetable coloring since time in memorial. It has been applied as far back as the Bronze Age for dying the skin, hair and nails. The leaves are dehydrated and made into a paste to figure the foundation of henna. When the leaves are ground, they construct reddish tannin coloring molecules that link very well with proteins, making hair fibers stronger and for that reason mostly effective as a hair colorant instead of using chemically-based products that would never guarantee safety for your scalp and your health too. Most hair react to chemical products in a negative way indicating allergic reactions or total damage which is uncontrollable. Henna wax, is again, the best solution to prevent all these issues.

Henna treatment is frequently a very good solution for treating overly dry and damaged hair due to coloring. As compared to prices you might pay at a beauty salon for the same consequences, the henna wax treatment is very affordable and practical. A lot of the compounds used in hair products can leave hair damaged and brittle. Henna is also a good way of restoring strength and softness back into the hair. By purifying the scalp, hair can be restored into the best appearance and bring back its natural shine. The henna treatment is also helpful to people who have problems with managing tangled or badly damaged hair, same with frizz and split-ends as well.

After shampooing, towel-dry your hair well and apply the wax with your fingers and rub it down into the scalp and hair. Wrap up your hair with a moist towel for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing off. To maintain your hair in its best form, use henna treatment every week until you get very satisfied with the results and your hair gets used to the treatment. If you want the best outcome, use henna wax the same way as you apply other conditioners. Make sure that you apply the henna treatment since the assortment itself is a bit sticky.