An introduction to the world of terpenes

If terpenes are a word that is new to you and you want to know all there is about it, then there is nothing to worry about because after going through this post, you will be able to tell easily what terpenes are and why you need to know about them.

Where to find the terpenes?

The terpenes are the chemical compounds that are found in most plants and are aromatic. They are thus responsible for giving the particular smell to the plants that are their characteristic smell. A lot of plants such as pines, lavender, and orange get their aromatic substance from these terpenes but the highest percentage of them is found in the cannabis plants, which is the reason why the terpenes are mostly associated with the cannabis plant and its family.

What is the purpose of terpenes in plants?

The fragrance of most plants is linked to the combination of terpenes present in them. the major function of the presence of terpenes in the plants is to provide protection from the animals that want to eat them and from the germs as well. As soon as a grazing animal reaches the plant, he smells the scent of the plant that has terpene in it and moves away, leaving it unharmed.

Are there any benefits of using terpenes for the human body?

This was the natural defense mechanism given to the plant in the form of terpenes, however, scientists have worked on them and have found many uses and benefits of the terpenes for the human body as well as for the animals. As said earlier, the cannabis plant has the highest percentage of terpenes in them but due to the regulations on the sale and use of this plant in the past, not much progress could be made on it. now, however, the world of terpenes is evolving and each day discoveries are being made on the terpenes.

Now that the regulations are lenient on the use of cannabis and relevant plants from its family, you can easily buy terpenes from any of the health care centers after getting a prescription from the doctor. These are very helpful for human health and in the posts that follow, we are going to discuss those benefits in detail.