Tuesday, February 20

Breast Augmentation Surgery Advantages and Risks

The breast augmentation intervention is certainly one of the most desired changes among women choosing plastic surgery treatments. Whether it’s a health issue or just an aesthetic matter, breast augmentation with breast implants is one of the few interventions that can give result remarkably quickly and dramatically.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases or changes a woman’s breast size and shape with implants. In the field of plastic surgery, there is already a vast and varied range of categories of breast implants that differ depending on the shape, material, amount of the material contained and appearance. This surgery can improve the body lines of women that believe their breast size is too small, can correct a loss in breast volume after pregnancy and lactation, or it can align the differences in size between breasts or it can be part of a breast reconstruction procedure following a breast surgery.

Just as any surgical intervention, breast augmentation is also risky. Whether you have an allergic reaction to the medication used for anesthesia or you develop infections that cannot be controlled with anti-biotic medicine, the truth is when undergoing this type of intervention your life is at risk. Following are just some of the drawbacks you might experience after a breast enlargement procedure; do not fail to discuss every risk with your doctor before choosing such treatment.

What Are the Drawbacks Following Breast Augmentation Surgery?

  • In the early days, the breasts will be swollen and extremely tender.
  • The total recovery interval, regardless of any physical effort during this time, may take up to 3 months.
  • Changes may occur in areola and nipple sensitivity, but this usually wanes within 6 weeks.
  • The danger of infection is quite high, and your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pain relievers treatment. If the antibiotic treatment fails, the implant can be removed and the area cleaned before replacing it back. IN addition, the implant can be removed and placed back after a few weeks.
  • You will face light discomfort when moving around, but this too should fade in a few days only.
  • You might also notice a loss in breast sensitivity, but that disappears after a few weeks.
  • The surgery scars will go away in time, usually somewhere between 6 months and up to 2 years.
  • When bleeding occurs, and blood accumulates in the spot where the implant is placed, surgical removal of the implants might be required.
  • Another significant risk is when implants break, but thanks to the new materials used in such implants usually this is not a life threatening scenario. Implants can be replaced when they break.
  • On other serious drawback following such surgery is that some women develop scar tissue that distorts the implant. In such case, new surgical interventions are needed.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Benefits

  • From an aesthetic point of view, implants provide both the desired breast size and push them just like a push up bra because implants are generally placed under the pectoral muscle which supports them.
  • New-generation implants now have a texture remarkably similar to the natural mammary tissue, thus being extremely difficult to detect on touch.
  • Such intervention has considerable psychological impact, and the result is usually an increase in self-esteem, thus improving the patient’s life.

Although such intervention has more risks than benefits, more and more women are willing to risk it all on the altar of beauty. Before you decide whether to take the risk, you should always consult a therapist as well as discuss all dangers with your surgeon.