Back Pain – 2 Ways You Can Keep Your Back in the Best of Health

When it comes to your back it is very important that you look after it. Most of us do not and that is why back problems are so widespread and common. Back pain and other back problems cost the country billions each year. Back pain can also be debilitating and not much fun. It restricts your life and you will always have to be careful and wary about taking part in any activity that could make your condition flare up again. As they say the best cure is prevention. To maintain the health of your back consider these simple tips.

Stay Positive

Although back pain is a physical condition your emotions play an influential role. For example, stress can exacerbate a back problem because it tenses the muscles. Therefore, you should avoid stressful situations and maintain a positive attitude. People who maintain a positive mental attitude are happier and are less prone to depression and suffering from stress. Acquiring a positive attitude takes practice but it has many benefits both emotionally and physically. If you find it difficult maintaining a positive mental attitude because you are in a situation that you feel out of control then seek the help of a trusted friend. The process of just talking to someone can have amazing benefits. Alternatively, you can seek the advice of a professional therapist or counsellor.

Lifting Objects Correctly

A common way that people can get back pain is in the way they lift objects. Most people do it wrong and use a lifting technique that in the long term will damage their back. Most people lift day to day objects such as bags, boxes in a way that puts stress on the back and the spine. This is caused by bending the upper body from the waist and keeping your legs straight or bent slightly. Other poor habits are lifting an object further away from your body.

The best way to lift is to stand in front of the object and then spread both feet till they are shoulder width apart. Then, you bend down in a squatting position, hold the object close to your chest as possible while keeping your arms and forearms close to your body as you lift slowly. With this technique the weight of the object is transferred to the legs rather than the back which puts less strain on it. When you lift an object make sure you do not twist as this is very bad for your back.