Wednesday, February 21

Yoga is Healthy For a Heart Disease Sufferer

A study states that doing yoga every 8 weeks is proven to give benefit for a heart disease sufferer. It is known that more than 5 millions of Americans get heart disease, so in the long term, the heart cannot pump the blood into the other parts of the body efficiently.

You may experience the serious health problem and you have consumed the effective medicine that is completed with therapy to cope with it. However, you do not feel better yet.

A study that is done by Emory University in Atlanta shows that yoga can reduce the signs of inflammation that are related to heart failure. Besides, this exercise can also increase the quality of life. Indeed, many people are convinced about the fact that yoga is useful to recover the unhealthy heart.

Related to heart disease, the research also shows the big difference of the biological signs in blood between patients who do yoga and those who only accept standard therapy. As the result, patients who do this exercise go through this treatment without experiencing complication.

Goldberg, a professor of medical department in New York University states that the heart failure sufferers often experience some problems that are related to physical exercise. The problems could arise because of the tiredness and short breath. It is known that their heart power to pump the blood decreases.

That is why, yoga can be a physical exercise that is safe and increases their life quality. Fortunately, today, many doctors suggest his patients to do yoga.