Wednesday, February 21

The Benefits of Yoga in Stress Relief

Stress relief yoga is a helpful way to free you from the pressures of everyday living. It will help you to ease your mind and start feeling normal again. There are people who believe that yoga is a very complex type of exercise and past time since the poses and stretches looks very tough.

Once you engage yourself in stress relief yoga, it does not necessarily mean that you have to do it in routine. If you are not able to do it in a full routine because of limited time, you can try some parts of yoga to rejuvenate, relax and calm you.

A simple type of breathing, poses and meditation are already enough to alleviate your stress. These simple techniques in yoga only take about a few minutes to perform and you can even include them in your regular exercise. You can also perform them every time the stress takes its toll on you as they can surely help you a lot.

Practice performing yoga for alleviating your stress as it does not matter if you can only do part of it in just a few minutes or do it in full routine, just as long as it gives you relief from stress.

Deep Breathing

If you want to get relief from your stress right away, deep breathing will be able to help you do this. You probably do not notice this, but almost all people breathe from their chest. Breathing through the chest can be considered as shallow breathing. This style of breathing is usually caused by stress and tension. Once you breathe deeply it will come from your belly. Breathing through your belly will help oxygenate the muscles and providing relief from your stress and tension. All you have to do is fill your lower abdomen up with air by breathing in and contract the area by breathing the air out. Take the air in through your nose. This is the easiest type of stress relief yoga that you can do.


You can spend a few moments of your time by simply clearing your mind off things. This may sound hard for someone who does not have enough time, but this can be done in just few minutes. All you have to do is sit down in a quiet area like your office, bathroom at home and lock the door. Make sure that you are comfortable while sitting and then close your eyes. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the area which is just above the bridge of your nose. This is actually where the third eye is, which is also called the eye of the soul. When certain thoughts, ideas and memories drift to your mind, just imagine that it has wings and let it just fly away. Keep on doing this until, eventually, you feel relaxed, calm and centered.


The poses are part of the meditation since concentration on the movement is the very key. You can try out these two types of poses to help relax your mind and body.

1. Baby Pose – Try sitting on the floor with the knees bent. Sit with your heels, and let your arms hang at your sides. Lean yourself forward slowly at your waist, until your forehead touch’s the floor. Let your arms rest at your side right on the floor. Just let yourself relaxed, keep your neck straight and keep your normal breathing. Keep yourself on that pose, how long it will feel comfortable.

2. Butterfly Pose – Sit with your knees out on the floor; let the soles of your feet touch each other, just like a butterfly. Keep your back in a straight position and hold your feet, gently raise and lower your knees for a few times. Let yourself lean forward from your hip, stay on this pose for as long as you can take it and breathe normally.

If you cannot engage in full stress relief yoga, you can just try the breathing deeply, poses and meditation. It provides the same effect and gives you immediate relaxation.