How to Cure a Yeast Infection Naturally – Learn to Banish Yeast

Yeast infections are usually fairly easy to treat, often times people find they a stubborn infection that doesn’t want to go away quickly. With the rising costs of everything now a days, running to the pharmacy to get an over the counter treatment can get pretty expensive. In these instances you may find yourself looking online on how to cure a yeast infection naturally. I’ve going to share with you the most common treatments found online today.

  1. Using coconut oil. Drinking a few tablespoons per day can successfully treat your infection. It has been documented that people that have coconut are part of their diets, have fewer reported cases of yeast infections.
  2. Garlic not only does it taste bad it also helps clear up yeast infections. Garlic is a natural antifungal. Eating raw crushed garlic will drastically reduce your infection, it may completely clear it up permanently as well. Some women insert garlic cloves wrapped in gauze or some other cloth into their vagina, and report relief of symptoms within a day.
  3. Yeast doesn’t like acidic environments. Creating a non acidic environment is a great way to get your infection to shrink to non existence. Using a vinegar based douche is a perfect way to do this.
  4. Avoid sugary sweets whenever possible, not only are they bad on the hips, they are also the food that yeast is using to grow. Think of baking bread, you have to have sugar and warm water for the yeast to ferment. Keeping as much sugar out of your diet will help considerably.

Now pay close attention,