Shopping Wisely for Your Vegetables

When shopping for your food, make sure you include a lot of leafy green vegetables in your diet and store them properly. When stored in separate counters in your refrigerator, leafy greens last long and bring you immense dozes of minerals. Leafy greens are some of the most wonderful ways to add great amounts of nutrients to our bodies. Green juices, leafy green based salads and green smoothies are excellent ways to ensure a high mineral rich diet. There is also the wonderful ways including homemade sauerkrauts or cultured vegetables that can bring ensured heightening of your health and well-being. Including tons of leafy green vegetables, it is the number one way to keep unwanted diseases and health conditions at bay while bringing tons of favorable benefits. There are many innovative and creative ways to introduce veggie delights to our day.

One can make fermented vegetable blends by shredding and chopping non sweet vegetables and partly blending it into a broth with some water and citrus juice mixed. Herbs and spices can also be mixed with this mixture of blended and shredded vegetables. Then with the addition of starters’ culture this mixture can be stored in air tight glass or steel bottles or jars for a week or two. The longer they stay, the tastier they get. For reducing the intensity of helpful microbial fermentation process, we can keep the bottles refrigerated. These plants generated pro-biotics are one of the most helpful additions to health. We can easily make these home fermented vegetables in extraordinary diversions and keep our gut floras flourishing. Addition of these fermented veggies at every meal can be a nourishing tradition towards health and longevity.