Tuesday, February 20

Having Green Smoothies Daily

One of the most popular ways to include wonderful vegetable nutrition in your diet is to blend a couple of handfuls of green leafy vegetables with some sweet fruits and some addition of super-food powders or additions, if we like. This creates an incredible way to have our greens, as well as bringing super nutrients to our body. These smoothies are also very tasty and sweet, making us crave more of them and not giving us the taste of greens in their overpowering ways. So, you can add any number of greens in a limited amount and then blend them with a cup of water and some fruits of your choice. So, the combinations can be collard greens or a mixed bag of lettuce or a handful or two of baby spinach with mangoes or pineapple chunks or bananas added with a cup or two of water or even a juice you have made previously. You can also use young coconut water to give it a greater taste boost.

You can add two tablespoons of your favorite super-foods like spirulina, dulse flakes, maca powder or even raw cacao in order to bring higher nutritional values into your smoothie. Leafy sprouts and even sprouts in some amounts can add a protein addition to the smoothie, but adding too much of it will again bring a strong taste where we would not taste the fruits. So, we are going to make sure that the smoothie is strong with the taste of the fruit, and adding the coconut water or the pre-made juice can be a great addition to the juice instead of clear sparkling water for some changes that we can enjoy. Either way a green smoothie is a tasty and great way to nourish the whole family and can be one of the smartest health moves that we can make in a day.