Discover How to Lose Weight by Drinking Green Tea

With the New Year soon upon us, many people are looking to make a change in their health and fitness that will translate into long term loss of weight and better fitness. Since the beginning, green tea has always been associated with certain health benefits. It is not a secret that green tea contains higher levels of antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Green and white tea also contain various weight loss properties. Discover how to lose weight by drinking green tea in this article.

Green and white tea are generally inexpensive but the health benefits that they provide are astronomical. As mentioned previously, green tea and white tea contain great amounts of antioxidants. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of the main antioxidants found in this tea that fight and subdue the amount of free radicals in the body. The presence of free radicals in the body contribute to various diseases and conditions that include cancer, heart disease, etc as well as premature aging.

The disease fighting properties found in green and to a lesser extent white tea are relatively unstable when in nonacidic environments therefore it is recommended that you add a dash of lemon to the green or white tea for better absorption.

Although drinking green tea cannot be considered in the same way as some diet pill, green tea is known to boost the results of any exercise program. Although the results are not astronomical, the antioxidants and caffeine found in this tea are known to extend the fat burning accelerator hormone that is found in the body.

There are only two ways that will enable you to experience fast weight loss or any other weight loss results. The first is to reduce your calorie intake per day and the second is to boost your metabolism which will allow you to burn more calories per day and lose weight fast.

Drinking between three to six cups of green tea per day will allow you to not only lower your risk of heart disease, various cancers, etc, but will also enable you to boost your metabolism. The more you drink the better.

Any weight loss goals should include attempts to boost your metabolism for greater and faster weight loss. Although our metabolic rates are usually genetically determined, a sure fire way to jump start your metabolism is to increase strength or resistance training which allows you to build lean muscle. Lean muscle usually takes up less space than fat and helps you burn more fat. Adding this tea seems to ensure that any exercise based weight loss regimen will be more successful.

This extra boost provided by green tea will ensure that you remain motivated with your weight loss program in addition to helping you overcome the frustrating weight loss plateaus that everyone on a fat burning program experiences every now and then.

Some studies have also shown that a combination of exercise and green tea consumption for a period of ten to twelve weeks led to a greater loss of stubborn belly fat than in those who only used exercise without any green tea consumption.