Comparison Of Hormone Pellet Therapy With Treatment By Injections

Aging creates many daily life problems for a man. The reason is that as we grow older the level of testosterone/estrogen falls in our bodies, especially in women after menopause.

Some diseases like Andropause cause testosterone levels to decline in men. These effects can also be observed in young 35-year-old individuals.

Your muscles and bones may become weak (osteoporosis in the case of women), you may start feeling tired earlier.

Depressive behaviors and anxiety may afflict you. You are more likely to have sexual problems like low libido, loss of interest in sex, and erection problems.

You may put on some weight without any apparent cause.

All these daily life problems are enough to deprive you of your beautiful life. So most people go for a treatment. A common and pretty much effective treatment method is taking a hormone therapy.

It can restore your hormone levels to the optimal level required for normal body functions and eradicate all the above-mentioned problems.

However, various methods have been sorted out to perform hormone therapy.

There are 2 popular methods of performing hormone therapy one is hormone pellet therapy and the other one is by injections.

Hormone Pellet Therapy

It includes administrating pellets of hormones (testosterone/estrogen) in the gluteal region or abdominal wall for some people according to their choice.

  • This was the first method sorted out for hormone therapy in the 1940s.
  • The pellets offer a steady and slower pace in result delivery and express their effects after taking a longer time but they also offer a consistent dosage for the body.
  • In this method, a proper incision is done by applying a local anesthetic. Hence more chances of rash, allergy, and redness at injection site is there.
  • The pellet therapy triggered some side effects. Doctors could not change or adjust the number of hormones once implanted. Our body requires a different amount of hormones at different body states.
  • A chance is there that the pellet may not be perfectly absorbed inside the blood. However, these chances are much rare. The pellets can also slip rendering the treatment ineffective.
  • They require less doctor appointments or visits to the clinic. You will have to go just 4 times a year for getting the pellet replaced whenever the testosterone level falls indicating that the pellet has been finished

Implantation of hormone pellets


By Injections

It includes the administration of testosterone or estradiol in your gluteal region or thigh.

  • This method of treatment is also not new. Injections found application in the hormone therapy in the
  • This method requires more visits to the doctore. you’ll have to visit your doctor after every 3 weeks.
  • The doctor can easily change your dosage by examining your body’s needs.
  • Some injections have a very less result delivery time hence, the patient is very less susceptible to any dangerous reaction caused due to it.
  • This method ensures 100% absorption of the hormones in the bloodstream because the injected is directly administered in the blood.

Information source: NuLife Institute