Wednesday, December 6

Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement – Micro Silica Plant Powder

Since the beginning of times, researchers, thinkers and visionaries have wondered and researched about the elusive elixir of life, which helps in preventing aging or even bestowing ageless youth. For a number of decades, it seemed that nothing could slow down aging or even prevent the diseases related to aging. However, recently, there has been a new hope on the arisen which seems to be the answer to every one’s questions; Eidon Silica Mineral supplement, which as the name suggests contains silica.

Chemically, this supplement is composed of water and silicic acid. When ingested, this supplement is readily assimilated in the intestines. It is then distributed across the body and helps in various processes like collagen and connective tissue maintenance and formation. According to the recent studies done on the subject, the dearth of silica in human body can lead to abnormalities in the cartilage and also cause problems in the bone.

Eidon mineral supplement is one of the best ways to ensure adequate amounts of silicic acid or silica in your body. This acid is non-toxic and has an almost neutral pH that ranges from 7 to 8. Most skeptics argue that we can get an adequate amount of silica from our natural diet like fruits, grains and vegetables. No doubt, our ancients possibly even did that. However, in those days, there was no pollution and most of the well-known diseases were non-existent. Our food is riddled with chemicals, pollutions and pesticides. To offset this, it is further processed which leads to a loss of most nutrients including silica. Hence, despite being an abundant mineral on the surface of the planet, lack of silica supplementation can cause a silica deficiency.

The management and assimilation of calcium is one of the main functions of silica. Had it not been for silica, the calcium that is absorbed from the diet would have run rampant in our bodies. We would have had deposits of calcium in places like soft tissue, wall of the arteries, organs and joints. Needless to say, this would have caused a number of problems like calcification of bone, osteoporosis and even kidney stones. Besides being a calcium regulator, silica is also essential for healthy nails, skin and hair.

Collagen formation is another area where silica plays a crucial role. Its importance can be ascertained from the fact that without silica being present in the bone matrix, no calcium deposits can ever take place. Collagen is the very basis of our skeleton and support structure. Aging slows down the collagen production as we enter middle ages. This causes issues like arthritis, problems in digestion, bone porosity, reduced flexibility and wrinkles. Researches have indicated that silica can help prevent or even reverse these conditions to quite an extent.

Silica supplements like Eidon Silica Mineral supplement not only help in preventing the deficiency of silica in the body but also prevent other diseases which are triggered by the onset of aging. Silica may not be able to promise any kind of immortality, but it can ensure a healthy life.