Tuesday, February 20

Cellulite Body Wrap – Making Cellulite Treatment Feel Good

Many cellulite treatment methods are quite uncomfortable and expensive, such as surgery and liposuction. Even other treatment can be unbearable for people deathly afraid of needles. Is there any cellulite treatment that actually feels good? Actually there is — this is where cellulite body wrap comes in.

Cellulite body wrap is a relatively new treatment for cellulite, and many spas offer it. It removes toxins and improves circulation in cellulite trouble areas, and make the skin look tighter and more supple as well. Here is how the process usually goes.

#1 – Exfoliation.

The first thing you should know about cellulite body wrap is that it is a rather personal treatment — the therapist will likely ask you to remove your clothes and treat you in your undies. But if you only need one area of the body treated, you can have the rest of your clothes on as well. Make sure you are entirely comfortable with the idea of being half-naked with a therapist before trying this treatment out.

The body wrap begins with the therapist exfoliating the skin on your cellulite-ridden areas. They usually use a special sea salt scrub, but most spas often give you a choice. This process prepares your skin for the actual body wrap.

#2 – Application of mud cream.

A special cream made of all-natural mud, seaweed, and algae is then applied on your trouble spots. This cream effectively removes toxins from under the skin, promotes sweating, and improves blood circulation where it is applied. But this cream does little if not used with the third step.

#3 – Wrapping with seaweed or warm linen.

This is why the treatment is called “body wrap” — the entire body (or the affected areas only) is wrapped in seaweed or warm linen. The warmth of this warp causes the pores to open, and the mud cream then sucks out toxins through them. This process takes time, so the therapist will ask you if you are completely comfortable before leaving you for 30 to 45 minutes.

This part of the treatment is so relaxing that many cellulite sufferers find themselves falling asleep on the treatment bed.

#4 – Application of moisturizer.

After the therapist wakes you up and removes the body wrap, she then cleans your skin and applies moisturizer as a finishing touch. Moisturizer makes the skin look more supple, improving the look of cellulite trouble spots nearly instantly.

Aside from being a great cellulite treatment, body wraps are also great ways to relax after a tough week. Many cellulite sufferers who also take other treatment methods (creams, a low-calorie diet, and regular exercise) even take weekly body wraps to de-stress over the weekends.

Check the spas in your area to see which ones offer body wraps. Remember that this treatment can leave you dehydrated after the session, so make sure you drink enough water before going to the spa.