Senile Warts and Ageing

They are ugly and unavoidable but senile warts are a sign that the body is changing. The skin is one of the first areas to show symptoms of advancing age and none more so than the wrinkles and warts that accompany it. While there is no cure for either there are steps to take to help soften the effects. With wrinkles it has long been known that some creams work well while removing dead cells from the surface of the face is a practice that should be started at a young age.

When the first ugly dark brown and sometimes black warts first make their presence felt they are a shock that one has to live through. Many, however, can be softened and may even fade somewhat to make them less noticeable. If it is an ugly bumpy type it could be removed with proper treatment.

Many famous people in history have and do sport these imperfections as badges of their advancing years, much like grey hairs. Women are less prone to them than men for some reason. That may be because they quickly seek help to remove or make the effect less obvious.

Men with black crusty growths on their temples or above their eyes are rather common among those around their old age era. Some, however, get them at a much younger age and in rarer cases they can spread as ugly looking scars across the back, hands and or arms. They cause loss of confidence and in the worst case scenarios can lead to depression.