Senile Warts and Age Related Body Changes

As one ages the skin is one of the first places to show it. During life it takes a bashing from the way that it is treated. Women plaster their skin with all types of chemicals ranging from facial beauty treatments and make up to tanning lotions and hair removal products. Men, on the other hand, rarely do anything to help their skin through rough times.

These are only some of the horrors we inflict on the outer covering of our bodies. But some go a lot further inflicting it with tattoos, pins and shafts that hang from different parts, including the lips, ears, mouth and nose, and then there is are the different chemicals in washing powders and other things that all have an impact.

Is it any wonder then that we get things like senile warts and imperfections as we age? One doesn’t have to be old to get them, however, as some heavy wart like structures can appear at quite a young age. Some will have them over their backs, others on their arms and legs, but the worst place is on the face.

It appears that most people are careful about the way they look and spend a fortune to preserve what they have. The problem is that the skin has health requirements that are not recognised or talked about on the commercial stage. That means that many are overlooked completely before it is too late.

By the age of 50 to 60 one is really paying the price for the treatment dealt out to the skin from a young age. Sun baking is probably among the worst of the no-no’s as everyone loves to bask in the wonderful light and heat of the summer’s day. It pay’s however to review the way one wants to look in your old age and take lessons from those around who are displaying the scars manufactured in their younger years.