Discover Some Natural Remedies for the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Winter is just around the corner and you may be looking for the best moisturizer for dry skin. With fall and winter approaching you will find that your skin is probably dryer, itchier and flakier than in the spring or summer months. Now is the time to think about finding some easy to use home recipes for moisturizing your skin.

A good way to start with moister skin is when you are heading outdoors, you will want to use some products that are good for hands and face to help in keeping them moist. Another way is by putting on a moisturizing lotion right after you finish with your shower or bath. You will want to do this when your skin is still a bit damp.

Washing your skin gently instead of scrubbing hard and fast, this will be less irritating for your skin. You could try softening your skin with a cup of powdered milk in your bath water. You will want to use water that isn’t steaming or hot water, because this just takes away from the natural oils on your skin. Another thing to try is by putting some vinegar or lemon juice into your bath. Also, limit your bath or shower time, the longer you are in there the more the natural oils on your skin will be removed.

You should avoid using those drying or harsh soaps when washing. When your skin is dry you need to use gentle cleansers and creams. Using a mild soap is better because of the added oils it produces to help in keeping your skin moist. Applying a cream or oil moisturizer right after the bath will help in protecting your surface skin cells and keep the moisture in.

On colder or damp days you should use a humidifier. Using a portable or furnace humidifier can help in keeping your skin surface moist and will also help in getting rid of fungi or bacteria.

When choosing what clothes to wear will also help in keeping your skin moister in the winter months. Wearing things with natural fibbers in them, like silk or cotton will help your skin to breathe. When using a laundry soap, look out for those with perfumes or dyes in it, because they can just cause further irritation on your skin.

I hope that by following these simple and easy instructions or ideas, it has helped you with producing the best moisturizer for dry skin. I find that home remedies in helping to keep your skins moisture during the fall and winter months, has become a way of life for many people.