Wednesday, February 21

Discover Some Natural Recipes for Skin Care

Using natural recipes for skin care is a very popular way of cleansing your skin. Seems like people are going more toward natural home remedies instead of purchasing artificial, fragrant lotions, scrubs and moisturizers.

You will notice a huge difference in your skin once you have used natural remedies. Using recipes that have natural oils in them you will find that you no longer have that oily or dry skin, like you use to. It will feel smoother and softer and healthier, by using natural oils, aloe vera gel, essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients.

You can use safe natural products like, Vitamin B, C and E in your moisturizers, lotions and scrubs. Some home remedies work faster and easier than those that you purchase in the store. If you are looking for a great exfoliator then you could use some ground sea salt with a facial cleanser. An excellent detoxifying mask that you could create is made from water mixed with Redmond clay. If you are looking for an anti-inflammatory or softening agent, then you would use raw honey. If you are looking for a way to tighten your skin or shrink those pores, then use egg whites.

When looking for a great natural face moisturizer then you want to use some natural oils. Jojoba oil is a favourite that is used very often, which is used in helping to moisturize or smooth ones skin. If you are looking for a bit of a fragrant smell then use Argan oil, it s nutty and sweet smelling. Here are a few other excellent oils to use: sweet almond oil, kukui nut oil, carrot seed oil, coconut oil and borage seed oil.

Here is some of the things that you will want to avoid when using natural skincare. Here are a few of the worst ones – paragons, sulfates, glycols, PEGS and phthalates. These items contain mineral oil, petroleum and paraffin.

Our skin is kind of like a health meter, if you are having skin problems then there may be something wrong in your diet. To detoxify your body you need to drink a lot of water, this will help to improve your over all health. Eating more vegetables and fruit is also a way to improve your health. Eating healthier helps in keeping your skin a lot more healthy and blemish free.

So next time you need to search for lotions, moisturizers, exfoliates, face washes or scrubs and even make up removers, make sure that you look for natural recipes for skin care. The more you use natural remedies or organic remedies the better it is for you and your skin. Your skin will look and feel healthier and more beautiful.