Average Penis Size – What is it and Should I Be Concerned?

Many guys wonder what the average penis size is in order to gauge where they fall. There’s nothing wrong with a guy being curious and it’s normal to have concern regarding your own penis size and the fact that it may have on attractive women. It’s important that you get the facts in order to paint a more accurate picture of what is really going on.

First off, after years of interest and genitals and sex related topics, we still don’t quite know for sure exactly what the average male penis size is. It may be questionable for some to wonder why something so simple and large-scale is still unsolved, but the reality is that this issue is not as simple as it sounds.

In the past several years, there have been many different studies on penis size conducted. However, no 2 studies are quite the same when it comes to green an average size. So we are still stuck at square one. A big problem when conducting these types of studies is in measuring technique. Some lazy researchers will simply ask different men to measure their penis and report the results which can be a mistake because there’s no way of telling whether these measurements are completely accurate and also the fact that many men will most likely give some tainted numbers.

But for the sake of coming up with a testament, we will review 3 different studies. These were conducted by the Journal of urology, the international Journal of impotence research and another one conducted by Lifestyle condoms. These studies all resulted in 3 different average sizes. Here’s what the studies revealed:

– The 3 different average sizes that came out were 5.08 inches, 5.35 inches and 5.9 inches. There’s quite a bit of difference here.

So, it appears that scientists are not anywhere close to being able to pin down an exact size average and appears far too difficult to get a true number. Plus, many of these studies cannot be trusted because the fact that many men that have a small size would be too embarrassed with their size to measure and report it publicly.

The only reason you should be concerned with size as if you feel that you could be bigger. If you feel that you’re not giving enough to your partner in terms of size, you may consider finding ways to increase your penis size, both length and girth, in order to carry more confidence and assurance that you’re properly satisfying your partner. You can actually increase your penis size naturally and improve your total overall sexual performance by performing penis exercises that can give you the edge you need. (SEE BELOW)