4 Highly Guarded Ways to Last Longer in Bed – Last For an Hour!

1. Use shallow thrusting – shallow thrusting will limit your arousal because you’re being less stimulated along your entire shaft, unless of course you’re only 2 inches. But really, shallow thrusts can limit your sensation levels and actually give her quite a lot of pleasure. In fact, the first 2 inches of the woman’s vagina, are the most sensitive areas within the organ.

2. Breathe slower – notice your breathing when you’re getting in the heat of the moment. You’ll notice that you are probably breathing very hard with short and shallow breaths. By refocusing these breathing patterns, you can actually prolong your sessions greatly. Try to always keep your self breathing consistently using nice, easy,calm and deep breaths.

3. Press on the premium – if you feel like you’ve reached the point of no return, there is a physical way in which you can quickly halt the process of ejaculation. The perineum is between your anus in your scrotum and has contact with your prostate which contracts during ejaculation. Pressing and holding on this area can stop the contractions.

4. Give it a squeeze – also, if you are about to finish, you can withdraw your member quickly and apply some form pressure just below the head of the penis. This should help stop the contractions as well.

The best permanent fix to lasting longer in bed is to train yourself through a penis exercise program that will not only teach you how to last as long as you want in bed, but will also allow you to increase size, improve curvature and have the ability to maintain harder and firmer erections.

Below is the best exercise program for doing just that…