Swedish Massage

Swedish massage information and tips. Swedish massage is a massage form that uses kneading, circular movements, and flowing strokes of the hands to in increase the bodies circulation by following the blood flow to the heart. A Swedish massage practitioner will also work on the deeper muscles of the body to bring about a feeling of well being.

The 5 basic Swedish massage strokes:

  • Petrissage: kneading motions.
  • Effleurage: deeper penetration.
  • Friction: circular motions.
  • Tapotement: is rhythmic percussion, using the edge of the palm or the heel of the hand.
  • Vibration: rapidly shaking.

When giving a massage therapy the practitioner will usually apply cream, oil or a lotion to the skin in order to reduce the friction and help towards smoother strokes. Swedish massage is the most popular, widely used and well known of all the massaging techniques.

Doing a Swedish massage:

The first thing to do is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment, that should be free of the possibility of any interruption from distractions like children or pets. Make sure the temperature of the room is mildly warm, and you should create proper lighting by dimming the lights or using only candlelight to enhanced the effect, also maybe try lighting aromatherapy candles.

Next, get the client to lie down on your massage table and make sure that all of their muscles are adequately supported. If you don’t have a professional designed table, you can always use a firm mattress or a futon. You should be prepared, in that you should have all the required tools ready, such as hand towels and oils. Oils are especially crucial, as they are not only used to relax the client but also to help make smoother strokes on the body.

Once you have all of your materials ready and you are ready to start the Swedish massage, you should always begin by focusing on the larger muscle groups first, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and legs. For the maximum and most relaxing effect, you might want to start at the shoulders, and work from there to the neck, and then down the arms and onto the hands. You can then return to the upper and lower back, working your way down to the thighs and calves, and ending with the feet. However, its also important to realize that you should also follow your intuition when giving a Swedish massage treatment.

The three main strokes used in a Swedish massage therapy are the effleurage, the fan stroke, and the circling hands. Effleurage is applied using soft and fluid strokes with the palm of the hand, the fan stroke is done by sliding your hands up the shoulder blades and then over the shoulders, down to the lower back, so that you are basically following a coarse to the heart, and lastly the circling hands, which is applied by making counterclockwise circular motions with your fingers, which should always pointing in the same direction.

In conclusion, if the life style you are living is leaving you tired, stressed, and full of aches and pains, then making a appointment with your local Swedish massage practitioner, would be the best thing you could do. You will definitely feel more relaxed and vitalized.