Relaxing With Aromatherapy Massage

If your busy schedule is leaving you stressed out and feeling tense and pressured, take some time to relax with a professional massage… especially one in which aromatic oils are used.

While massage itself serves to reduce physical strain, the addition of essential oils will take the overall effect to entirely new levels.

With the proven effectiveness of aromatherapy oils, the body responds amazingly well to certain aromatic compounds, due to the volatile nature of the oils. When inhaled, for example, some preparations create a relaxation response that can reduce physical as well as mental stress. Some oils are also absorbed by the skin and can enhance the overall effect achieved by the fragrance.

But it’s important to use natural oils, those extracted from plants, rather than synthetic formulations that came from a laboratory. The effects of these “unnatural” oils are unknown, at best, and potentially harmful at worst. Don’t be fooled by price. And don’t try to save by buying the cheapest products without researching them first.

When searching for a good massage therapist, try to find someone who really knows what they are doing. It’s also to your benefit to find someone who understands the benefits of aromatic essences and is proficient and knowledgeable in their use.

If you are unable to find someone through word of mouth reference, call a local professional organization, if one exists in your area, and get a list of practitioners who use aromatherapy in their practices. Many cities now have Massage Schools and can be a wealth of information for recommendations as well.

Whether you are looking for a career, or just to learn the techniques for family and friends, you may wish to enroll at one of the schools in your area.

If you prefer to learn aromatherapy massage for home use without becoming a serious professional, there are courses, as well as books and videos, that can be found on the Internet, along with stores that sell the oils themselves. Learn first what you need and how to use it, then locate an online store to purchase the items.

Consult with an experienced professional for advice on how to use the various essential oils, and how to apply them. Once you have enjoyed your own aromatherapy massage experience, you will want to know more… and you will want to do it again.