Wednesday, February 21

Ideas for a Hot Tub in Spain

Hydromassage & Hydrotherapy are two concepts that you can only enjoy with a Hot Tub.

The combination of warm water with, massage Jets and buoyancy helps to provide a pleasant sensation that not only is able to bring relief to muscles & joints but is also able to relax the mind and body.

Modern Hot tubs have an increased number of more powerful jets strategically placed for maximum benefit, every model offers supreme therapeutic support in a carefree setting. This helps to increase blood flow and aid circulation, reducing muscle strain and soreness, and helping to relieve pressure and tension throughout your body. Calculated buoyancy (and a corresponding feeling of weightlessness) blends perfectly with swirling warm water to deliver a relaxing soak with healing properties. In fact, you’ll feel noticeably better in just 20 minutes.

Hydrotherapy & Hydro massage does help. Not only do the warm, bubbling waters help melt away tension and strain, but they also provide a gentle and effective massage – targeting your joints and muscles, promoting a better night’s sleep and combating the pain of arthritis and other muscle-related injuries.

Safe, enjoyable and effective for the whole family, hydrotherapy and the health benefits of a Hydrospa Hot Tub will help everyone enjoy an active lifestyle.

To be able to sustain and enjoy an active lifestyle one needs to get regular exercise including stretching combined with a correct diet and getting a good night’s sleep is only part of the equation.

Enabling your muscles to relax and get the required respite that they require is a big key to enjoying and sustaining physical activity.

Jet therapy – Jets do make a difference. The jets as each & every model has a wide variety of jets, specifically designed and positioned to deliver various forms of massage and relief. From vigorous to relaxing, neck to feet, the manipulation and multitude of jets provided enables one to be able to select the massage that exactly is right for you. You can focus the Jets on one particular area with a targeted, penetrating massage. Or enjoy a more general, jet action massage encompassing many muscles. The choice is yours; the feeling is undeniable. The Jets are all fully adjustable so you can get exactly the massage you want.

Aroma therapy Our sense of smell has a tremendous impact on our sense of well-being. Fragrances can conjure up visions & images of different places, landscapes, and fields in blossom, warm memories perhaps coupled with, and favourite foods – even desired moods. Without even opening our eyes, scent & its effect has the power to transport us to another time and place. Aromatherapy uses this principle to provide a soothing and beneficial escape from our everyday stress & strains, cares, worries or even responsibilities. Combining the Hydro massage relief with the relaxation of warm water and scented air, you will find yourself completely enveloped and of course be completely relaxed. Using aromatherapy it is possible to infuse billions of aromatic air bubbles into the water, you can choose your “destination” as easily as you choose your scent. Hydro massage and Aromatherapy are some of the benefits that you can get from a Hot Tub in Spain