Wednesday, February 21

How a Hot Tub in Spain – Can Help You to Recover From Jet Lag

Most people usually sleep much better after a nice refreshing hot bath and improving how you sleep will obviously help to reduce the effects of Jet Lag. Whenever possible you should enjoy a long therapeutic massage in a Hot Tub immediately after every long haul flight. Hydrotherapy not only relaxes your body by opening up your blood vessels, it also helps to dehydrate you.

It is a little known fact that at the beginning of a long haul flight the cabin humidity drops from an average of 50% down to 25% and as the flight progresses it comes down to 10% and it has even been recorded as low as 1% at the end of an intercontinental flight. Aircraft cabins are drier than some of the driest deserts on the planet earth. The result of this extremely dry air is dehydration of your body, particularly your skin which can cause discomfort, itchiness and also wrinkles.

During the flight you should drink lots of bottled water and try to breathe moist air from a damp handkerchief draped across your nose. Do not drink alcohol or coffee before or during the flight as these have diuretic properties, which drive moisture from your cells and can cause discomfort. You should also avoid eating food that is high in fat and salt (most airline meals) and stick to food that is high in carbohydrates such as fresh fruit and fruit juice, chocolate and biscuits are also high in carbohydrate.

As soon as possible after landing it would be a great idea to get into a Hot Tub for 20 minutes and let the magic of millions of Hydrotherapy Bubbles and Massage Jets sooth you back to normal.

Remember to continue to drink lots of fresh water for at least two days after your flight and try and have a 15 minute Hot Tub session morning and evening each day in the week following your flight.

But remember using your Hot Tub Jacuzzi style Spa is a great idea anyway irrespective of whether you have been flying.