Benefits Of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy is the whole body experience. It incorporates the healing into the effects it has on the physical body and the mind.

Massage and it’s many various techniques are ages old it is one of the most intuitive forms of therapy. There are numerous benefits to massage therapy from increasing circulation and increasing mobility. Basic benefits of massage therapy is the increased circulation of the blood in any area that is massaged and that increase in blood flow naturally aids in the healing process.

Numerous studies can attest to the benefits of massage therapy. What are some of the benefits that might be seen in the medical world today that utilize various forms of massage therapy?

Benefits of Massage Therapy Has Been Shown To:

  • improve health and benefit a person’s quality of living
  • help improve injury recovery
  • increases the bloods circulation
  • can improve a person range of motion
  • helps to relax the muscles
  • improve medical treatment
  • helps to lower blood pressure
  • helps to improve weakened muscles
  • increases the level of endorphins
  • helps to improve the lymph flow
  • Benefits of Massage Therapy For Mental Health:

  • can help with anxiety levels
  • helps to relieve mental stress
  • helps improve calm thinking
  • can help a person feel nurtured via touch
  • can help to improve alertness of the mind
  • helps to foster peace of mind
  • There is an interesting fact that massage can enhance the immune system. Massage helps to release the cells that are our immune systems first defensive lineup against a foreign invader. Massage has the ability to reduce the cortisol levels in the body and cortisol has the ability to destroy the immune systems defensive lineup. When cortisol levels are lowered the immune system has a better defense against illness and disease because there are more defensive cells in our body ready to ward of the foreign invaders.

    Our skin is healthier due to massage causing the sebaceous glands to function better. This helps keep the skin in a cooler and cleaner condition.

    Massage can help eliminate waste from the skin via sweat glands and improves overall elimination from the body and shows up in the skin. Even infants have improved with the healing benefits of touch and infant massage.