Tuesday, February 20

5 of the most popular types of healthcare business

Healthcare is and always will be big business. Demand is perpetually high, and the field is also exceptionally varied, so there are lots to choose from for budding entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in starting your own healthcare business, here’s a rundown of some of the most popular types.

#1 Apps

No list would be complete without healthcare apps, more and more of which seem to come into existence every day. Apps are limited only by the scope of your imagination and range from fitness and diet all the way through to heart monitoring and even blood sugar measuring applications. Some of these apps come with wearable hardware; others exist purely on smartphones. Apps take expertise to design (although many businesses outsource this task to specialist designers) and must be marketed well, but they can be hugely lucrative.

#2 Nutritionists and dietitians

Healthy eating is in sharper focus than ever before. People are nowadays far more aware of the impact a bad diet can have on their overall health, so there’s always a place for nutritionists. This is a specialist field that requires dietary knowledge. You’ll need a certification if you want to advertise yourself as a professional dietitian. “Nutritionist” is a more contentious term, but some areas still demand legal certification to use the title. Many of these individuals operate in a purely freelance capacity, taking on clients and working with them directly.

#3 Homecare

Although it’s often associated with the elderly, home care is encompassing and also includes looking after those recently discharged from the hospital and anybody suffering from a long-term injury. Home care services deliver food, perform tasks around the house, administer medicine, and more. Businesses hire staff, take on clients and distribute the workload between carers. Running a business like this requires a lot of administrative skill (timetabling is a major issue), and you’ll need to source medical supplies. This is best done via a marketplace like medical-supermarket.com, which allows you to compare prices between different suppliers, saving your business money while still ensuring quality.

#4 Footcare

Foot care services involve everything from trimming toenails (which might be impossible for seniors with decreased mobility) to massages and performing routine checks for diabetics. These services are much in demand and can be operated in several different ways. Some foot clinics operate from surgery, others will visit homes personally, and some use vans to make their clinics truly mobile. Whatever you choose, this is one area that’s never short of customers.

#5 Medical record management

If your specialism lies in administration, then this is probably the business for you. Medical record management companies do just that. Even a routine visit to the doctor’s surgery can generate enormous amounts of paperwork, all of which must be electronically sorted and stored on a central database. These companies train employees in how to use medical systems. They take on outsourced work from hospitals, doctors and a range of other practices. Maintaining medical databases is hard work, but your services will always be in high demand.