Wednesday, February 21

How To Preserve and Maintain Good Eyesight

Eye care is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of how to stay healthy. Our eyes are so important to everything we do, yet we constantly ignore the fact that eyes need maintenance just like the rest of the body does. When you mention the act of staying healthy, the average person immediately thinks of weight loss and exercise. However, eyes need to stay healthy too. Here are a few simple ways to help maintain clear vision and overall eye health.

Beta Carotene

The first major tip on how to care for your eyes has to do with diet. Dieting is not just about losing weight. Our eyes will react to the food we eat just as much as the rest of the body. Fruits and vegetables can have a great impact on eye health. For instance, carrots contain beta carotene. Beta carotene is crucial for improving vision and maintaining eye health, because it strengthens the cornea and can prevent eye disease.

Polarized Sunglasses

Protection from the sun is very important for eye care. Over exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause permanent damage, such as sunspots and continual vision loss that will often occur long after the initial exposure. It is recommended that everyone wear sunglasses when the sun is particularly bright outside. However, many people with light-colored eyes should consider wearing sunglasses even more frequently. Blue eyes are very fragile and can become severely damaged by normal amounts of sun exposure. There are specially designed sunglasses that offer UV protection. Polarized lenses will block UV rays from making contact with the surface of the eyes and can save your eyesight.

Giving Your Eyes A Rest

One strange tip for eye care that is often difficult to follow is to avoid wearing prescription lenses and contact lenses. If you need these things to get by then you cannot avoid using them, but try to limit your use whenever possible. If you are at home and do not need your lenses then remove them as often as possible. Contact lenses can especially have negative effects when worn for too long. Wearing contacts for over twelve hours in a day can be damaging to your eyes. Again, this tip should only be followed when convenient. Glasses and contacts are very beneficial and often necessary.

The Dangers Of Dim Light

It is important to understand how light effects the eyes and eyesight. For instance, reading under dim light will have negative effects on your eyes. When light is not bright enough then the eyes will have trouble focusing on words or small images. This causes eyes to over work and become strained.

Be Prepared

Eyesight should never be taken for granted. It is a crucial sense that is necessary for normal daily functions. Try not to worry too much about eye care, but be aware of the many ways you can help to protect and preserve your vision. It could save you from permanent vision loss down the road.