Wednesday, February 21

Different Procedures Performed By a Plastic Surgeon

Many people search for a plastic surgeon to improve their body and face. It is important to openly discuss your problems and expectations with your surgeon; however, you should pay attention to his recommendations as well. He might propose you another procedure that will have the similar effect. Often, less invasive procedures are preferred to those that involve more surgical intervention. There are even cases, when people avoid any surgery with the help of some skin care products.

Your plastic surgeon should be experienced enough to determine whether such non-surgical plastic procedures will be effective or not. There are new options available in this field that one can use to fix his or her plastic problems. Learn more about them below.

Patients that don’t have much facial aging can take advantage of some of the following procedures to effectively minimize the signs of aging on their face: eyelid and chin surgery, neck, mid-face and forehead lift. These procedures, done by an experienced plastic surgeon can offer you much more youthful and fresher look.

Some procedures that are aimed at improving your body’s appearance are abdominoplasty, liposuction and breast enlargement.

Plastic surgery that includes minimal invasion is made with some special surgical tools and with a viewing scope. A few tiny openings are made through which the plastic surgeon performs the surgery, without any large incisions to be done. This method gradually replaces traditional surgery due to its advantages. Less invasive procedures are usually less painful and scaring for the patient and the recovery is much quicker, reducing health risks and health care expenses.

When applying less invasive methods in plastic surgery, plastic surgeons make use of modern technologies to perform procedures with maximum result without the need of extensive and expensive procedures. Today, face or eye lifts are performed in well-equipped operating rooms and are much more affordable than a few years ago. Typically only local anesthesia is applied and the period of recovery usually continues one-two weeks, depending on the type of the surgery performed, as well as on the patient’s condition. However, two weeks after the surgery, most of the patients are able to resume their normal lifestyle.

People, who have some problems, such as sun burning, wrinkles, unwanted facial hair, etc. may opt for skin care products and other non-surgical procedures to fix that problem. If your skin is aging, sun-damaged, or unevenly pigmented, or you have acne, your physician will be able to recommend you the suitable skin care products for you. Natural products that contain vitamin C or E are proved to minimize all the adverse effects done by oxygen radicals on your skin.

If your skin is dull-looking and tired, you can successfully fix this problem with microdermabrasion and chemical peels that are able to quickly rejuvenate your skin, making it healthier-looking and softer than ever before. Another option to correct all signs of aging is called laser rejuvenation.

If you have some of the problems, described above, ask your plastic surgeon about non-surgical procedures you can apply to fix your problem at the first consultation. Ensure you get full information regarding the complications and risks that a plastic surgery could have, if it is unavoidable.