Wednesday, February 21

Back Pain – Tips on How to Avoid a Bad Back

Did you know that if you walked in to a doctors busy waiting room you would find at least one person with a bad back. Back problems such as back pain are very common and are responsible for huge medical costs each year as well as hundreds and thousands of days off work.

The ironic thing is that in most cases back pain can be avoided. A lot of the problems are caused by our lifestyle such as our diet, the sports that we partake in or even a lack of exercise. For example, being overweight or obese puts considerable pressure on your body and in particular our spine. If you partake in a high impact intensive sport and you have not conditioned your body properly you are increasing your risk of a back or neck injury.

Even the simple thing as lifting up a box or a bag of shopping strains your back when you use the wrong technique, which most people do. One of the key causes of back problems is our posture especially when we are sitting for long periods. This is common for many people as they work in offices at a desk in front of a computer all day. Many sit in the same position for hours without a break. Over time this will cause serious back and neck problems when they get older. Most people adopt a poor posture when they are sitting. They tend to extend their head forward and slouch their shoulders. This unnatural position has the affect of putting pressure on the lower back, neck and pelvis. Over time people who sit like this will form rounded shoulders and a hunched posture.

If you sit at a desk for hours at a time you should leave your desk from time and go for a walk or stretch. You should also use a good chair that will support your back and neck. You can now buy specially designed chairs that put your back into a healthier position.

If you are going on holiday or on a business trip you should avoid carrying heavy luggage especially if you travel on a regular basis. Carrying a heavy bag strapped around your shoulder is particularly bad for your back. The healthier way is to take bags that have wheels so you can pull them along. If you have to carry the heavy luggage do not just use one arm to carry the weight. Take a break once and a while and use your other arm to carry the bag.