Back Pain – How to Protect Your Back While Commuting

If you have had a history of back trouble it is wise that you should take necessary precautions to protect your back. Exposing your back and spine to constant vibrations can make your back condition worse. These vibrations can be experienced when travelling in cars, motor bikes, trains and buses or any form of mechanical vehicle.

The longer that you travel in a vehicle the more risk you will have of a back problem. If your job requires that you spend most of your time in a vehicle such as a lorry driver then, the risk of a back problem increases further.

If you do travel for long distances on a regular basis then there are a number of precautions that you can do to help protect your back.

• Make sure you are sitting properly in your seat with the correct posture.

• Ensure your buttocks are far back into the back of the seat as possible.

• Make sure the seat is at the right level so that you do not have to strain yourself to reach the pedals or steering wheel. Use the recliner feature on the chair to lower the back a couple of degrees for more comfort.

• When sitting in one position for long periods can make the body stiff and reduce blood flow. Therefore, when you stop at traffic lights you can do a few simple exercises to relieve the strain while sitting. A good one is to bend your back in and out. You can stretch out your arms towards the steering wheel to ease the strain on your back and shoulders.

• If you travel for long periods and your back is sore after the journey you may want to consider using a back support for your seat. These are called lumbar rolls that are made out of foam. You place the lumbar roll on the seat to help alleviate strain.

• When travelling on long journeys avoid keeping your head turned to one position. By doing this you create stress and strain on your neck muscles and your back. The best way to avoid this strain is to rotate your head slightly from side to side but always keeping your gaze straight in front of you.

• Sometimes driving can be a very stressful experience especially, when you are stuck in a long traffic jam and it is very hot outside. In these situations tempers can fly. Stress is not good for your back therefore, while driving in your car look for ways that can relax you. A good way is bringing a selection of relaxing CDs with you. Sitting in your car is also a good opportunity to practice deep breathing which has a soothing affect on stress.